Best Shingles For Florida Homes

Whether you just moved to Florida, or you’re considering a complete renovation job and wondering what the best shingles for Florida might be, choosing a reliable, durable and most of all, energy efficient roofing product is essential.  Checking with one of the great Orlando roofing companies can provide the product knowledge you need to make the right choice.


Energy efficiency is one of the main factors that play a role in roofing decisions in the south and southeast. Here, temperatures all year round can reach maximums of over 100 degrees, and you can expect to feel the full extent of that heat inside your home, if you don’t have a good enough AC system.


How to Decide on the Best Shingle Products


Deciding on energy efficient shingles for warmer climates can be a real pain. You have to take into account a myriad of factors, including the construction of the roof itself, the material the shingles are made from, their insulating capabilities and the reflective ability of the color or paint that was used.


Shingle colors can typically range between every type of shade and color that you can find between black and white. Typically, most homeowners will choose a grayish tone, or opt for a darker green or blue. However, the best roofing colors for warmer weather are lighter ones, since they reflect sunlight best. Color combinations and complementary colors are also great if you want your roof to reflect differing color frequencies of sunlight more easily. However, maintaining a lighter tone is still essential.


In terms of the metals you choose, the best shingles for Florida and for any other warm area where you need energy efficient shingles, are metal and asphalt shingles. While at the higher end, metal can provide you with outstanding reflective and insulating properties in just about any weather. Also, metal lasts more than 40-50 years, and requires less maintenance.


In contrast, asphalt shingles are much cheaper, but combined with a lighter color format, chosen especially for warmer climates, it can be a great affordable alternative for your Florida roof.


Considering Heat Exposure


Some homeowners don’t really believe that heat exposure has anything to do with the colors they choose for their roofing shingles. However, a recent study showed that dark shingle roofs are typically about 10-15 degrees warmer than lighter ones, because of their heat absorbing qualities.


However, the “darker” connotations of this fact is that not only do darker shingles make your roof warmer, they can also alter the temperature in your attic as well as the airflow throughout your entire home. Moreover, a darker shingle that retains more heat won’t last as long as lighter colored ones. So light gray or white shingles are absolutely essential, depending on the average temperature you experience in the region of Florida where you live.


All these considerations have to be remembered the next time you want to re-roof your home. If you’re looking for the ultimately best shingles for Florida, it’s also important to keep in mind that there’s no such thing. Instead, you can make up your mind regarding the best shingles for your home and budget, and make sure you choose the most energy efficient and balanced products for the money you have.