Installing Gutter System with Gutter Guards

Gutter protection is important for the health of your home, but should you spend money on leaf gutter guards, indeed? Isn’t it enough to grab a ladder every now and then to climb up to the gutters and to clean them? Here is our answer to these very common questions.

What Are, in fact, Gutter Guards?

A gutter guard is a product designed to be installed on top of or inside the gutter to prevent the gutter from becoming clogged by debris, such as leaves, twigs, pine needles or dust carried by the wind. The accumulation of debris inside the pipes compromises the gutter’s functionality – if water can no longer be directed away from the walls of the house through the gutter and the downsprouts, it will start pouring down elsewhere, exposing the walls to humidity they cannot handle and the gutter pipe can also suffer damage, such as corrosion or cracking, if it gets clogged.  Wichita KS roofing experts recommend them, to help maintain the integrity of your home’s roof.

How Gutter Guards Work?

Gutter guards work by keeping the debris away and allowing the water to flow freely through. Guards come in three types:

  • Screens that are made from porous material, such as mesh that allows water to enter the pipe, but keeps debris away and are fixed on top of the gutter pipes;
  • Inserts that are also made from porous material, such as foam, but are installed inside the gutter, not on top of it. This type of guards need to be removed regularly and cleaned to be able to function optimally;
  • Reverse curve guards are like shields installed on the gutters. They let water in through narrow slits, but they force the debris to fall to the ground.

The Benefits of Gutter Guards

Here are the most important advantages of installing guards on your gutters:

  • Clog prevention – clogged gutters leads to water pooling, which can corrode the gutters and can also serve as a favorable environment for insects, such as mosquitos. Gutter guards prevent corrosion as well as pest infestations by keeping the gutter pipe clean;
  • Water damage prevention – the water pouring from damaged or clogged gutters is among the most common causes of water damage, such as basement flooding, foundation staining and damage to the exterior walls of the building. Gutter guards keep gutter pipes clogging-free, thus preventing water from reaching into places where it shouldn’t reach;
  • Easier maintenance – the pipes fitted with gutter guards are easier to clean and you can take longer between two cleaning sessions;
  • Freeze prevention – gutter guards protect the gutters against the accumulation of ice in winter, thus preventing gutter damage caused by the appearance of ice blocks;
  • Fire protection – the dry debris that can accumulate in gutters during longer hot spells poses fire hazards, but as gutter guards prevent the accumulation of any debris, they are efficient tools that help homeowners avoid this type of issues as well.

To answer the initial question – should you spend money on leaf gutter guards –, the answer is yes, you should definitely invest into efficient and very affordable gutter guards – they are the simplest and cheapest devices to protect your home from the outside.