In America most of the people prefer Asphalt roofing.

It should be built in the areas where temperature is not too hot or too cool. The extreme temperatures may damage the shingles.

Cellophane strips should be sealed with shingle tab adhesive in hot summer to protect from winds blowing heavily and with 1/4rth-size dab of shingle adhesive in cold winters at the corners.

We should overhang the edges.

For nailing shingles we better use nail gun but we should take care while nailing. We should work to maintain the depth according to our requirement. Adjustment is needed before nailing.


We should fix shingles from the down left corner to upwards right corner.

But we should initially fix the starter strip which is pre-cut.

To handle the mismatching of gaps, we gradually increase the cut off but few inches of the shingle from row to row upwards.

Previous row shingle should be placed below the next row shingle while fixing them or nailing them.

Fixing shingles from one bottom corner to other top corner helps the other person to fix from other bottom corner to another top corner.

We may fix chimneys, pipes etc which pass through the roofs with the help of plastic and rubber flange.

The edges of the flange arranged vice versa to the shingle.

Roofing tar is used to attach both shingle and flange.

When we reach the top of roof while fixing, there we face a problem of fixing two shingles which we can trim through plastic ridge vent hole and adjust later fix them with double the nails we usually use.

Roofing nails size varies based on our requirement.

Better to choose the nails which helps in fixing the shingles properly without loosening.

We use dab of tar for loose corners where we fixed shingles first.


Roofing is easy to be done but replacing should be done with new shingles as old shingles usage is not worth it as their life span will be less.

As the cost is less, better to keep replacing the damaged shingles instead of waiting for the remaining to get damaged. It is very difficult to re-build the roof.

The proper maintenance is required to avoid moisture.

Even moisture can damage the shingles and may weaken the roof.

Materials we used should be of good quality.

Care should be taken while carrying the materials for building so that neither the person who is carrying won’t get hurt nor the people under the roof construction area get hurt.

Handle the materials with basic precautions and arrangements before using.