You cannot predict when your house will be hit by a natural calamity and it brings down your roof. The roof can be brought down by wind, hurricanes, falling trees, fire, leaks, tornadoes, collapse from heavy snow and many more. It is very important to be aware of the necessary steps that should be followed. Here are a few things that should be followed during roofing disaster:

Assess the damage suffered by the roof:
The first and foremost step is to assess the damage to the roof. This will help you make approximate damage assessments that can later be discussed with your roof insurance company. Estimate the square foot area and the areas of the roof which are damaged, heavily damaged and are in good condition till now. Write down the materials of the roof which are visible, exposed or missing.

Make temporary fixes wherever possible:
If the roof has collapsed in an area directly above living room, there is a high possibility that the interior furniture and other property can be damaged by leaking water. Remove all valuables from that room and try to choke the source of water leakage, if any. Serious damaged property needs to be taken care of immediately. Fix whatever that is damaged, so that it can be safe to shift it to any other room. This is done so that the damaged property is in a state where repairs are possible. Small repairs can be shingled immediately.


Contact your home insurance company:
Be sure to evaluate that the damages suffered can be covered by your insurance. Compare the list prepared by the insurance company of the damages to your list of the damages. This will let you add anything that the officials from the insurance company missed in their lists. You can also cross verify the property that is damaged. Contacting your contactor for necessary repairs in also economical. In case of natural disaster, like storm or other severe weather, that hits a large residential area, it is efficient to use your home insurance company as all the contracts will be busy.

Contact a reliable contractor:
If everything else fails, you can always hire a private contractor to repair the roof. Only hire a professional certified and a well renowned roofing contractor. Avoid the local contractors who are hit by the same calamity. Contractors who follow storms have no goodwill as they might be a fraud company that you have never heard of. Hiring a contractor is an expensive task but it will surely get the work done according to your taste and preferences. Select the contracts who have workers and liability insurance and will cover for any mishappenings in the construction if the roof.